The Global Ecommerce Expansion

Published April 22, 2014 by Visa+ in Ecommerce

Ecommerce is booming both in and out of the US. It’s pretty incredible stuff, and it feels like nothing in the media so far has properly captured the raw magnitude of it. put together an infographic about it. Business Insider wrote about it, too. And so did eMarketer. Lots of numbers, all of them going up. Here’s [...]

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Augmented Reality: Good Times Ahead for Ecommerce

Published April 21, 2014 by Melissa Tsang+ in Ecommerce

Technology is changing, and with it, retail + ecommerce. What does it mean when a woman posts selflies from a changing room and solicits her shopping decisions from her Facebook friends? Or when haptography is helping you get a feel of a cute dress on the etsy store, without actually touching it? It means that the [...]

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What are we to make of U.S. teenagers’ shopping preferences?

Published April 15, 2014 by Visa+ in Ecommerce

The teenage market is a lucrative market. At the time of writing, Justin Bieber has 50.9 million Twitter followers, which is 8.4 million more than US President Barack Obama. It’s also a knowably fickle market; teenage tastes change quickly. As Rob Lowe said about Justin Bieber, it’s nothing to do with his actual music– he just [...]

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Why Mobile Marketing is a Must for Ecommerce in 2014 (And 3 Tips for Going Mobile Right Away)

Published March 12, 2014 by Daniel Tay+ in Ecommerce / Marketing

Mobile devices are all the rage now. In fact, in 2013 alone over half a billion mobile devices and connections were added to the fray, with smartphones accounting for 74% of that growth. And get this – 79% of US consumers use their smartphone for browsing and shopping. Check out the rest of the report [...]

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What’s the best way to develop a good understanding of ecommerce?

Published January 28, 2014 by Visa+ in Ecommerce

Here at ReferralCandy, we’re privileged to have the opportunity of working with lots of ecommerce agents. So we naturally, we believe that we ought to have a solid understanding of ecommerce ourselves. The best way to learn about ecommerce is, of course, to practice it. Desmond (our designer) and I actually run a little t-shirt operation [...]

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Marketing Trends and Insights for 2014 from Ecommerce Experts

Published January 14, 2014 by Hum+ in Ecommerce / Interviews / Marketing
Marketing Trends & Insights for 2014

A couple of months ago, we interviewed a few ecommerce experts about the future of marketing, some of the challenges SMBs might face, and how marketers could use word-of-mouth in their strategies. We were delighted to feature the following 4 ecommerce experts: Linda Bustos from Get Elastic Joe Pulizzi from Content Marketing Institute Graham Charlton [...]

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Ecommerce Marketing with Limited Resources

Published December 6, 2013 by Visa+ in Marketing
Ecommerce Marketing with Limited Resources

How do you do marketing when you have limited time and resources? You don’t have the luxury of a massive marketing campaign. You can’t afford to hire talent. You don’t have the time to get started on your marketing degree, either. You’ll have to make do with what you have. And you don’t have a [...]

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Marketing Insights from Linda Bustos, Ecommerce Expert from Get Elastic

Published December 4, 2013 by Hum+ in Ecommerce / Interviews / Marketing
Interview with Linda Bustos from Get Elastic

In this series, we will pose a set of questions to explore the insights and opinions of experts in various aspects of marketing (social media, content, etc.) and ecommerce! Starting us off is Get Elastic, the #1 subscribed ecommerce blog in the world! Catering mainly to ecommerce retailers, Get Elastic provides excellent articles ranging from [...]

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A summary of 8 top “Ecommerce Must-Knows” posts

Published November 12, 2013 by Visa+ in Ecommerce
All the hits, none of the fluff!

We know you’re busy and need to get working on your ecommerce business, so we did all the “must know” reading for you. Summarized below: – Exploring Ecommerce [link] – Huffington Post: 5 Ecommerce Must Knows [link] – Hong Kiat: 10 essential things ecommerces sites should have [link] – 10 questions to ask when creating an [...]

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It’s definitely time to drop the hyphen from Ecommerce

Published October 22, 2013 by Visa+ in Copywriting / Ecommerce / Marketing

Anthony Tanner saw this coming. Way back in ancient 2011, the very prescient blogger at suggested dropping the hyphen from “e-commerce”, making it ecommerce. At the time “e-commerce” was still a more popular search term, so he was risking significant social ridicule to assert his opinion. He got it absolutely right, though. “E-mail” became “email”. “Ebook” is [...]

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