5 Things Businesses Need From Google Plus

Published September 22, 2011 by ReferralCandy+ in Social Media

Google has yet to release its highly anticipated business profiles for the Google Plus social network (beyond basic test accounts such as the Ford Motor Company). What they’ll include in a public release remains to be seen. But if Google wants to know what businesses want and need in those new profiles or pages, we have a few [...]

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How Businesses Can Leverage Google Plus (Even Without Business Profiles)

Published September 5, 2011 by ReferralCandy+ in Social Media

You’ve probably heard about Google Plus. Yes. It’s another social media tool vying for your attention. It combines services from Google’s existing toolset with a clean and clever social networking platform. It covers photo sharing, blogging, chatting, video, aggregation, and cool new privacy controls through “Circles.” There’s a catch though. You aren’t allowed to set [...]

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