10 Simple Ecommerce Website Updates to Implement Now

Published January 14, 2013 by Alvinl+ in Website Design

There are hundreds of ecommerce website updates you could make. Anyone who’s managed an ecommerce company has a list of things to change on the site. The biggest issue as a manager is determining the priority list. It’s hard to know what can be done easily and what really should be done. We’ve got some help. [...]

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What’s your Facebook Engagement Factor?

Published October 24, 2012 by Alvinl+ in Online Marketing / Social Media

One of the great ways to reach out to your audience and position your brand is through Facebook, and our last post on the Top 10 “Most Liked” Online Retailers on Facebook got a great response. While researching for that piece though, we stumbled upon a far more interesting phenomenon. As you may know, in addition to [...]

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How to Stop Paying for your Customers – 5 Lessons from Rand Fishkin

Published July 11, 2012 by Alvinl+ in Online Marketing / Social Media

Here at ReferralCandy, we’re always looking for cool and innovative ways to market great products. One of the leading experts in this field is Rand Fishkin, CEO of software company SEOmoz and a master of inbound marketing. His advice on how to earn customers without paying for them is relevant for all e-commerce businesses. Rand [...]

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