What successful brands know about blogger outreach: 6 case studies

Published July 22, 2014 by Melissa Tsang+ in Customer Acquisition

Blogging communities = untapped customer acquisition potential. Consider the following: BLOGS ARE UBIQUITOUS: According to Nielsen Media, there are over 181 million blogs on the Internet with 6.7 million people publishing content on blog sites.  CONSUMERS TRUST BLOGS OVER ADVERTISING. BlogHer found that 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. BLOGS INFLUENCE CONSUMER DECISIONS. [...]

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30 Tips To Build Your Personal Brand From 37 Experts [Slideshare]

Published July 21, 2014 by Desmond Chua+ in Ecommerce / Marketing / Slideshare

Having a strong personal brand is a tremendous asset to every entrepreneur. While brands and businesses might be built around ideas, like it or not, they’re still ultimately represented by people. Are you doing your brand justice? To help you, here are 30 tips we’ve aggregated from a wonderful blogpost by Navid Moazzez, featuring 37 experts. We [...]

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Learn How These Ecommerce Experts Dominated Their Niche, Grew Sales 12X and Got People To Buy Boring Products

Published July 18, 2014 by David Fallarme+ in Customer Acquisition / Ecommerce / Optimizing Your Store

If you’re running an online store, the sheer amount of ecommerce marketing material out there can be overwhelming. You’re always on the hunt for that next big insight that will move the sales needle, but it’s hard to know where to start. While browsing forums, reading blog articles and taking courses are extremely valuable, there’s [...]

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7 Ways to Make Your Customers Love Your Website (So They’ll Tell Their Friends About You)

Published July 18, 2014 by Samuel Hum+ in Optimizing Your Store / Website Design
How to Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Website featured image

When you have a product to sell online, designing the website can often feel like an afterthought. You might think that how the website looks doesn’t really matter, so long as users can add the product to cart, key in their credit card number, and ship it. And you’d be wrong. When it comes to web [...]

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Customer Acquisition Lessons from a Potato Salad Kickstarter Campaign

Published July 17, 2014 by Visakan Veerasamy+ in Customer Acquisition / Ecommerce / Marketing
Customer Acquisition Lessons From A Potato Salad

6000+ people pledged $50,000+ to help make potato salad. Zack Danger Brown from Ohio wanted to make a potato salad. He asked Kickstarter for $10. “Basically I’m just making potato salad,” he wrote. “I haven’t decided what kind yet.” At the time of this writing, the kickstarter campaign has raised over $50,000 from over 6,000 [...]

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