What’s your Facebook Engagement Factor?

Image Credit: Birgerking

One of the great ways to reach out to your audience and position your brand is through Facebook, and our last post on the Top 10 “Most Liked” Online Retailers on Facebook got a great response.

While researching for that piece though, we stumbled upon a far more interesting phenomenon. As you may know, in addition to “likes”, there is a “people talking about this” metric on Facebook, which is basically the number of unique users commenting, liking or sharing your wall posts over the last 7 days. The metric also includes “viral shares” – whenever fans share a page’s post, any subsequent likes, comments, or re-shares will be counted towards a page’s “talking about this” number as well. (To find out more about the “talking about this” metric, check out this great explanation here.)

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The Top 10 Most Popular Online Retailers on Facebook

Image credit: Sean MacEntee

Have you ever been to an rival online retailers’ website and and wondered how they got so many likes on Facebook? Have you ever wondered which online store owns the most popular Facebook page? Have you ever wondered why your high school crush never liked your Facebook cover photo back?

Well, the geeks here at ReferralCandy actually went to some lengths to find out, and then got me to write about it. First, we collated all the websites on Alexa that were online retailers (we took out those companies that had physical stores, so Victoria’s Secret sadly doesn’t count). Then, we crawled their webpages to find out where their Facebook pages were, and how many likes were on each Facebook page. Finally, we picked out the top 10, and checked out their pages in detail to see how the heck they got a million likes or more (and we did all this while delivering a smoother refer-a-friend web-app for your online store).

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Writing Persuasive Messages: Tips from a Nobel Laureate

Photo Credit: Osborneb

It’s not everyday that you get tips on messaging and marketing from a Nobel Laureate. But that is exactly what Nobel Prize Winner in Economics Daniel Kahneman does in his recent bestseller Thinking Fast and Slow. Much of his book centres on the two Systems in our brain – The first system, simply called System 1, intuitively processes information and is quick to make decisions (think driving a car), while the second system, System 2, makes deliberate and considered choices (think taking a math test).

Kahneman tells us that if you have a well thought out message that you want others to believe, it’s not just what the message is that matters, but how you say it. In general, if you engage the intuitive and automatic part of our brain (System 1), the message is more likely to be believed quickly. And the psychology lab experiments bear this out.

We’ve distilled the three best tips that Kahneman dishes out on writing persuasive messages based on the science, and summarized them into a mnemonic. So here it is, The ReferralCandy S.M.L. Rule for Persuasive Messaging.

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The Tao of Usain: 6 Business Lessons I Learnt from the Fastest Man Ever

Usain celebrates his 100m win in fine style. Photo credit: Menmedia.co.uk

What will he do next? I woke up this morning to find out that the fastest man of all time and recently crowned 2012 Olympic 100m champion had just declared his modest intentions to don the famous red jersey of none other than Manchester United Football Club, my boyhood team.

Said the Jamaican Lightning Bolt. “People think I am joking, but if Sir Alex Ferguson called me up and said ‘Okay, let’s do this. Come and have a trial’, it would be impossible for me to say no.” Really? Usain, sprinting down the right flank and delivering a pin point cross for Rooney to coolly finish? Methinks that Bolt should be the face of Adidas instead of Puma, so deeply has he ingrained their tagline of “Impossible is Nothing”. Read the rest of this entry »

6 Youtube Videos to Inspire Your Team to Success

You may have realised this by now but there are many crucial things we can learn from watching Youtube videos — like how to get a girlfriend, create a successful ecommerce site, pretend to understand quantum mechanics, and do the party rock shuffle. You name it, there’s a video out there telling you how to do it (someone should host a competition to find something you can’t learn from Youtube).

We think that Youtube is also a great way to inspire you and your team to dare the impossible and live the dream, through a particular genre of inspirational videos – sometimes profound, sometimes funny, often both.

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How to Stop Paying for your Customers – 5 Lessons from Rand Fishkin

Here at ReferralCandy, we’re always looking for cool and innovative ways to market great products. One of the leading experts in this field is Rand Fishkin, CEO of software company SEOmoz and a master of inbound marketing. His advice on how to earn customers without paying for them is relevant for all e-commerce businesses.

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